Soko Banish Patch 1.4.1

Soko Banish has received an update, fixing bugs and adding features, notably the ability to track your best times/steps on your profile. Simply redownload & install or grab the new patch on the official site to upgrade!

  • Best times and steps are now saved and shown (if enabled).
  • Stand-alone levels can be played by dragging files on the program.
  • Undo/redo is much faster when held down for many steps.
  • Level list can now be scrolled up/down with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a bug with tracking progress in packs without a levels.txt.
  • Pack description looks better and no longer flickers.
  • Fixed a problem with the leaf effect graphics.
  • "void.jpg" background tiles better; "snow.jpg" less blurry.
  • Darkness effect is slightly brighter.
  • Temporary files are cleaned up once more.
  • Various small bugfixes.


Soko Banish 1.5.0
Apr 02, 2018

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