A downloadable asset pack

These tiles can be used in Sokoban-style crate-pushing puzzles or similar games. Includes 64x64 and 32x32 pixel versions of all the tiles, bird's eye and 3D perspective, a simple player character graphic in multiple colours and more.

Copyright/Attribution Notice: 
These are public domain graphics. However, if you'd like to credit me, feel free to do so as Tammy Spahn or Vellidragon.


SokobanClone_byVellidragon.png 179 kB


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hello, i am making a sokoban-game with your graphics and i credit you

Thanks! :) I'll check it out if you want when it's done!


ok, i put it when it is finished on my site bardon.itch.io 

i think i have it in two or three weeks….i take the first ten original sokoban Levels and your gfx and a song of a Facebook-friend

I have finished the game, it Costs only a few Hours. My last game needed 4 weeks but it was arcade, that is difficulter than sokoban. You can download the game on my site https://bardon.itch.io